Day Of The Sleepless Mind.

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The wandering mind cared nothing,
About the world or the silence from you.
He ran with the squirrel then with the cardinal flew,
Took the spring noon wind upon the dried face,
And at the evening slanting Sun waved.

The gone down Sun within him took,
Today into history and feelings as memory,
Oh’, yet another day from life fell without you.
Night filled the sky with stars but blanketed,
The view from my eyes with dancing clouds.

Mind through the darkest corners of life searched,
Through all actions and words of past searched,
None I found for any wrong to you or anyone I did,
For which my punishment is the loneliness I feel,
Still, images of that smile brightened the darkest hours.

Night slowly shortened, morning shook away the darkness,
And mind stood unwavering as in every corner light filled,
From pebbles to butterflies carried the beauty of a smile,
Everything I felt spoke “Oh’, she is the enlightenment of a soul,
We all feel through your eyes, so stay on awake for our bliss.”.

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Photo by Sheri Hooley on Unsplash

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