Shade Of The Lonely Tree.

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When fall comes with cold fires and burns,
Leaves and buries the ground all will think,
Oh’, the shade is gone and we all will wither,
Like the barks of trees that cracks in frost.

The world will turn and air will warm,
Then the sprout of the spring will refresh,
Faith of us in the beauty of love spread,
Ah’, another spring nests in the horizons.

The world has turned and the wonders came,
Love for me stayed asleep in a hidden corner unknown,
Ah’, I prayed may that not be the corner of her heart,
And no leaves grew in the Lonely tree where shade I sought.

Fear not about the love of mine for you,
For the world can turn and turn and sprout again,
And stars can brighten and fade and be blown,
But my love will float, for your soft fingers, to be captured.

The dark clouds shined but still wept like a weeping willow,
Drops gathered and through the cracks on barks flown,
Nothing bothered a waiting heart nor the body that carried,
Love for you, every drop felt in the warmth through me spread.

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Photo by Aamir on Unsplash

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