An Episode Of Happiness.

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Ah’, the parted day, so much beauty you left,
But not the fallen dream fading,
And only left an aching heart,
And eyes with tears filled.

In what weird ways I scared,
The love to panic, in sleepless nights, wait,
For me to become a monster and come,
From under her bed or dark corner of a room.

In those thoughts in every waking moment, I prayed,
“Oh’, God, give me the ability to induce love,
For me in her than fear that drains her heart of love.”.
Ah’, a touch of air on my neck I felt.

Looking up I felt shadowless time walked,
Carrying life of many kinds untiringly,
And aloud I said “Take down the mask and learn,
About what you hide behind the mask, Your Love”.

Conquer the fear for none of that is real,
Conquer me who on one knee waits,
Ah’, happiness maybe one episode of a drama,
Why not you and I make real that drama of Love?

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Photo by Rikonavt on Unsplash

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