Weaving A Broken Heart.

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With dried out barks trees like in meditation stood,
For the winds to come to make them chant and dance,
Countless leaves waiting in silence to be tickled,
And the sky without the cloak of clouds bare-naked spread.

Smileless, lonely faces through the still scenery moved,
They are an anomaly to the organized world,
But among trees and nature, a touch of warmth welcomed,
Like the hands of a mother held those lost souls close.

Those minds in love touched and Ah’, when rejected,
Like those in meditations stood and then wandered,
Countless dreams like the leaves of fall fell,
The elements of time may heal a sleeping tree,

Every part of the body united in pain and eager to be healed,
Oh’, the wound in the unknown they know not where the soul is
Those rejected lovers always carry an unhealable wound,
The ones who rejected know not the value of truth.

The world know in experience but not to say in words,
True love cannot be replaced with any other’s love,
For the truth of love comes in the faith of the soul,
And love is part of faith humanity through senses feel.

Happiness then is a blown bubble in the sea of sadness,
Where forever those lovers weave patches for a broken heart.

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Photo by Andriyko Podilnyk on Unsplash

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