Steal A Kiss From My Lips.

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The weight of darkness through time, the night carried,
Along with the secrets of many, light shall never see,
In the approach of light, scared minds found relief,
As the bridge between reality and fantasy; a thin line of hair.

As for the loving minds, Oh’, not even hair can stand,
Culture, age, looks, status, Oh’, everything vapored,
Between the well-brewed love, ah’, the very experience I felt,
When verses composed metaphored with newborn stars,

And took a bit of glow from your gladness-filled face,
And mixed with the dyes which blended the ink that shined,
To show the love in my heart for you in lines and between lines,
Oh’, not even a million lines of verse composed can say,

In completion the love of mine to you as faster my heart beats,
For me to write the pulses in words, as new meanings defined,
Ah’, some in happy tears dipped, some in aches of love,
Maybe you can feel it all when a kiss from my lips you steal.

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Photo by Khaled Ghareeb on Unsplash

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