What Sadness Left?

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Drops of rain upon the barn fell,
Oh’, the blessing showers gave rhythm to peace.
Then from far thunders breaking peace roared,
And to the rain, I asked, “Can you wash away my sadness?”.

Rain cleared, thunders gone far but still well heard,
A new tune they learned from the rain, little birds tried,
Kissing and hopping from branch to branch they sang,
And to them, I asked, “Can you whistle away my sadness?”.

Birds looking for another pasture flew and daylight faded,
Early night stars woke up yawning and like a kitten blinked,
Somewhere someone finds their blessed luck in them,
And to them, I asked, “Can you outshine to hide my sadness?”.

Stars behind the clouds hid and even minds darkness filled,
Sleep left when night readied the day to shine bright,
As nothing I spoke to spoke, silence tried a new lullaby,
The leaving darkness felt like a monster who failed to scare.

I closed my eyes and a beam of light towards my eyes came,
Felt like seeing light after a long trek through some tunnel,
Then an image of your smiling face I saw through that light,
Oh’, my sadness left, leaving more love for you in my heart.

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Photo by Luiza Braun on Unsplash

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