Three Dead Flowers.

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Oh’, buried seeds of the past year’s beautiful fall,
Have known nights and day like all others
The ones around them wandered unknowingly,
In the shivers of winter and showers of spring.

Every day she walked by alone and smileless,
Through the path and the scent of her skin,
Gave a touch of hope to the buried seeds,
And the dried out branches ravaged by nature.

Showers of fall they blended with dirt so well,
And the shells of seeds cracked and sprouted,
The wonderful world in awe and muse welcomed,
Leave and flowers of the forgotten seeds of fall.

Then came the silent walker saddened by some loss,
Alone, empty-handed she came step by step walked,
The flowers and leaves swayed not in the western breeze,
When the scent of her skin they felt and brightened more.

Consumed in her thoughts with her lost love,
Her energy seems to flow from her heart but unreturned,
But she paused at the still-standing flowers and looked,
Then she touched them with the tip of her finger and smiled.

Three flowers she touched and took her smile away and left,
As if she remembered that gladness is a prohibited feeling,
For the lost lover in the season of love and honey filled flowers,
Astonished by her beauty and curious by her sadness, flowers stood.

Days went by, time took its toll on the flowers, as they prepared to fall,
That day she came in her lonely walk, eyes with sadness filled,
And the magpie on the ledge sang about the walking beauty,
Her love-filled energies joined the mists of a gone by spring.

Winds stayed still and the sun brightened bigger,
Summer warmed skin and flesh but heart and soul failed,
To find warmth in the loveless world and darkening dreams,
Her eyes scattered the summer rays where love find new-laid ways,

The flowers felt another touch and a smirk that gave them love,
Why none held those soft hands? Curiosity filled the air,
The wind whipped up and came to soothe her skin,
As beside the three flowers she loved she sat.

Then her heart those flowers wonderfully felt,
A heart once loved and with love of all filled,
Soft like her fingers her heart beat musically,
Every beat spoke the message of a quartet of verse.

“The worldly charms of life filled into romantic feelings,
As darkness from even night stayed away in shyness,
Sweetness in words, the youthful looks of a man,
Ah’, filled the eyes and heart of my love but truth evaded.”

The first flower fell dead after hearing a heartbeat.

“Far he stayed as further he felt in my likes of the world,
His love, sure through the language of hearts conveyed,
The crooked world masqueraded my heart and soul,
And his verses fell in deaf ears and ached his lonely heart.”.

The second flower fell dead after hearing another heartbeat.

“My ways were lost, masquerades of the world burned and fell,
Then in my heart, his love for me so wonderfully felt,
And to him I reached and no sign of him I found,
I will always feel the pain he felt when through seasons I walk.”.

The third flower fell dead after hearing her last heartbeat.

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Photo by Bianca Berg on Unsplash

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