The Kneeling Princess

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I saw her kneeling in prayers,
Tears through her cheeks running,
Some ruined thoughts in images made her sob,
Oh’, wandered mind felt her lover’s love.

Godless she is not and God never abandoned,
The love she gave him, God gave her a lover,
In flesh and blood, ah’, a mighty confusion,
Testing her will, and again and again, she kneeled.

I saw a man in prostration deep in his prayers,
A mind to divine glow connected through flesh and blood,
From behind and from above I saw him from his soul pray,
And in front of him, I fell as my own image from him reflected.

The images in my mind blended and blurred,
Dreams lost beginnings and end in fantastic reality,
The tests she faced made her feel in enchantment,
A lost soul but God’s reason of love she shut her eyes to.

In the chaos, all he became was a stubborn melancholy,
The one path in worldly chaos of choices, ah’, forked,
The felt aches and shed tears made them both strong,
Lovely world, wonder-filled world, failed them both.

United the spiritual world stood and promised,
Heavens and glory beyond every imagination of her,
The princess, the sweetness, the emblem of love,
She kneeled and prayed to heal his aching heart.

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Photo by LOGAN WEAVER on Unsplash

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