Love That Sizzles Through Your Veins.

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The first time I cried out loud was on a valentine’s day,
And on every birthday, a portion of my soul felt sad,
Even after thousands of dreams from my soul weaved,
As every day built a new stone of my castle of love for you.

Hurting words and thoughts, Ah’, fear took its fuel to grow,
And that fear wounded deeply the ever-smiling romantic,
Still, a portion of my soul felt glad as I know you remembered me,
And from the soul, a wave pulled my facial muscles to smile better.

We sing, we dance, and we succeed, and we fail, Ah’, life,
The double-edged sword with our own words and actions sharpened.
Didn’t you learn that no matter how far I am, how silent you are,
Love will make you think about me and wish another moment with me?

Gather the scattered ruins and build the castle of your design,
Upon which flag of success will flow in every wind of every season,
That bear witness to a reality that none ever were born to love you better,
Than the poet, lover and the love that sizzles through your veins.

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Model Eva Maria

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