To Her, Who Turned.

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Sightless stayed the humble unloved eyes,
As the vastness of space and time converged,
Into a show of strength of faith through love,
Oh’, through dreams felt, those unfulfilled dreams.

Voiceless stayed the poet’s verses ah’, love he wrote,
Unfelt remained and love to give he tried, declined,
The aching disappointments turned life into mirages,
Oh’, never-ending desert, loveless space and time.

Touchless stayed the heart of a man who only loved,
Ah’, he thought, when through unfulfilled dreams searched,
The twists and turns of life a synonym of a serpent became,
Oh’, every breath became a brutal tragedy.

She woke or her thoughts caught a beacon,
Somewhere in the depth, one little glow sprouted,
When the verses of pathos he sang she read,
Voices heard, sights gained and a touch wonderfully felt.

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Photo by Kyle Cleveland on Unsplash

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