The Masked Smile.

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Winter forgot to bring all the might of cold and wind,
Dazed by the beauty of nature through the fall,
When life fell and in the thickening air life seems lost,
But, we know not how wonderfully winter preserve life,

Until we see the full bloom of spring when we forget,
The hands of winter without which life would’ve ceased.
And the poet wrote and again wrote with all his thoughts,
About the love every sense felt, he felt in the cooling air.

As through verses heaven on earth he described,
Oh’, clearer became the face of his love,
To everyone, those verses in depths touched,
Even in the deadly cold, the warmth of love they all felt.

Oh’, the veil the winter cold to every eye brought,
Tried hard to cover the concealed love of her,
Whose love by all readers through his verses experienced,
Ah’, they all rested from all the good deeds they did.

Questions he asked for which from her gestures answers found,
Wisdom all gained about how to love in new ways defined,
Such was the love the poet and his love gave to the world,
Still, the best of her love-filled smiles, hidden behind the mask of time.

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Photo by Farrinni on Unsplash

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