Unshed Tears On A Winter Eve.

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The skies have darkened far more than the lonely mind,
And through barks of the dried out trees fallen rain flown,
The owl hiding in the cloak of dark cried out loud,
Black ice failed to make the roads slippery for his walks.

Strange faces passed him by and strange they all remained,
Tantrums of minds, Ah’, how wonderfully hidden,
Behind fake smiles and unfelt greetings and away all walked,
A smirk of him to mother nature said “I don’t care”.

The up into the clouds he looked and darker they became,
A blessing prayer into his mind crept and echoed through veins,
Rain, again and again, struggled to stay as rain and no become snow,
The prayer he said out loud “There is no darkness created that can enter”,

“Enter into the light of our love”. Oh’, rain paused as a howling he heard,
Winter came and rain grew heavier, thoughts grew more heavier,
Street lights blurred as his eyes struggled hard to stay dry,
Love indeed became purer in unshed tears.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2020.

Photo by Leonsa on Unsplash

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