Prayers Of Memories.

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My love is a whisper unheard by the heart it meant to live,
Oh’, yet another season in sadness all around me stood,
My love is a pulse unfelt by nature where it sways,
Winds and trees, flowers and birds, Ah’, all stood still.

The villainy of the unseen dream, filled in shadows and walked,
All around me and made sounds only heard by strangers,
Who all whispered in their minds prayers to save from insanity,
Oh’, still I prayed for the love her, whom I loved even in insanity.

The cold clouded visions and sounds, Oh’, brutal times find,
Another path in another world, let me feel her love,
Let me feel her passions, let me silence her fears,
Let me be her happiness wiping away her last drop of sadness.

Interrupt not, Oh’, winter winds when with a loving dream I walk,
For my memories with her, little moments, giggles, and one-liners,
Oh’, they always recite wonderful tunes, little prayers for our souls,
To find a touch of love filled with peace, in this wild and wicked world.

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Photo by Julian Hochgesang on Unsplash

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