The Burned Down Stage.

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The birth time noted, silent stayed stars and planets in zodiac,
The boy entered a stage of present where past never mattered,
Where future he weaved, day by day, year by year he grew,
Ah’, the spent past a well-built stage, burned down, unknowingly.

Far from him, unknowingly grew, like blooms of spring spread,
Life of sweetness, from far, slowly day by day, year by year he felt,
The presence of his soul in counterpoint to a point of existence,
Where one cannot exist without the other, Ah’, a historical inevitability.

As away from each other grew, Oh’, stages for them differed,
From styles of fashion, compassion, and at times. irrelevant comedy,
New stages with new lights, colors, and well-weaved drapes came,
A new scene in the present timeline written for them, well played.

Then came a time for both the timelines united upon the same stage,
Ah’, wonders sparked and love of each other united unknowingly,
Comedy, drama, villainy, deception, Oh’, life threw many daggers,
Some cut them deep, and at some, they ran without fear but in love.

Independent life, Ah’, the individual life of each other gnawed,
Through the passions and compassions and two lovers withdrawn,
To their own stages and the stage to hold them together burned,
The blinding flames grew high and wide in the frozen tundra.

In their victorious pride, they both stood with their head high,
The burned down stage, Oh’, they both cared not,
The connected love made them search for a better common stage,
Rains have fallen, hearts have melted all around them stood,

The stage of love, happiness, and a life filled with wonders,
A new set of comedies, drama, and pulses of life awaited,
Two souls sometime before the beginning of time united,
In love, born and brought up, miles apart, ages apart.

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Photo by Avi Richards on Unsplash

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