An Invitation To Celebrate.

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Denounce my love as untrue,
Deny me love like an atheist deny faith,
Drag away from truth only for you unfolded,
Through paths of lies, betrayal, and pleasures material.

Though all seem divine in thoughts and actions,
The darkness through you unleashed and spread,
Never will succeed over the truth of my love,
For my love sprouted in your eyes once filled with love.

Morning spread, noontime paused, evening stretched,
When my lovers mind through eyeless world paced,
Stumbled around me were fake smiles and masqueraded faces,
Then deep inside soul felt my love for you and I said out loud,

“Sweetness this day shaped,
In your divine given image,
Gladness from your smile redefined,
Blessings sacrificed their wealth at your feet,
Though thou chose another to love ,
Ah’ my poetry can’t sacrifice the poetics,
When I feel my love for you.”

Oh’, nothing defeated love as deep inside us in this winter remain,
Those seeds of love in each other we sowed soon will sprout,
Ah’ celebrate we will so will the world of lovers along with us,
The celebration of our love unites us hand in hand too.

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Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy on Unsplash

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