Her Acceptance.

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Oh’, day, just another day, pass me by,
But history may remember you,
As someone’s lucky day,
And O’ Day you will once smile
As the memory, I left for you,
Brightened many more Days like you.

Days like these make one garland oneself,
As everything will stand apart and laugh,
The unfortunate sometimes passes through,
A world of imperfections without help and,
Through mockery and many times hatred,
World said, “Love for you went extinct.“.

Whispers of the wicked I call when they speak,
And they spoke louder and louder and faster,
Oh’, love is not a silent molecule none notices,
And they saw my love clear and loud still wailed,
Confusion and unknown bitterness made her listen,
And the World told her “Better is anyone else”.

The World wailed, fake lovers came with youthful smiles,
Temptations build through divine looking masquerade of evil,
Ah’, dragged on for a while but deep inside her she felt the call,
Of my love in all purity, sincerity, honesty, and gratitude,
And she came and read verses filled with my love only for her,
She whispered to my heart, “Love of yours never makes me Lonely”.

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Photo by Cristiano Temporin on Unsplash

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