Jailed Dreams

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The winter wind in hurry sought,
Silence and peace for mankind,
Yet, what he found was his mischief,
Freezing even the pleasantest souls.

Stood beside the roads and looked,
Falling flurries like the petals of a flower,
Heaven upon on to me thrown that became,
A blessing or misfortune Oh’, only time can tell.

Across the road, an evergreen tree I saw,
Cut to fit like a half wall all covered in white,
Oh’, I felt those are the love of mine for her,
Forever green but now covered in frost and snow.

The dreams my love gave, color-filled they will roam,
In the spiritual world where souls all will fill,
With sounds that gathers those souls in union,
With pleasantness, material-life can never feel.

Those dreams are the ones that were now jailed,
As evergreen I once thought but now I under freeze,
Bitterness I exhaled that became tear-filled pathos,
Of winter birds scavenging in the frozen deadlands.

No freeze I felt through my own jailed senses,
And there I stood under the falling snow,
Sure I felt the flurries like soft flower petals,
And to the foaming icicles, about her, I sang,

“From all corners far stood I
With hopes, I sang
The trembling ground gave rhythm
The jealous wind swirled
You are not a dream
You are not a game
You are the only one
My love can ever achieve.”.

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Photo by Francesca Zama on Unsplash

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