Divided Face.

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The church bells rang on a Sunday morning brightened more,
By the fallen snow way before sun rolled up his sleeves,
Icicles dripped water clearer than the morning rays,
As the shivering cardinal found no place to hide.

The sound of the bird so low but so sweet and gave,
A feeling that asked? “Why such sadness in your eyes I see?
When such a bright smile you give, even in this yelling cold,
Warmth of yours kept me warm even in Winter’s vengeance.”.

The long day ahead tempted me to walk away but my feelings wept,
In that freezing, I stood and looked, that bird’s image my mind copied,
Back inside I went and looked at her and spoke to my mind,
What to my little eyes brought such sadness, a bird complained.

I said, “This is the story of a Divided Face, a dreamer and an unfortunate,
He came to the world silent then cried out loud and everyone laughed,
He grew up listening to none, as all childhood he weaved his own world,
He grew up and everything touched and he touched left him unsatisfied.

Pleasant he walked and pleasantness he spread, none from him walked,
Without a smile as the happy man in the eyes of the world around,
Burned inside and through the paths of life he never defined he passed,
Never he left anyone to fall, though at times life’s mockery made him kneel.

Through the ages as he passed, in every relationship he learned,
The care to love and to love better and he learned never to weep,
When his own romance came knocking, Ah’, alone stood, doors shut,
The pain of losing drowned him to knees and his face torn apart.

Stood up, smiled, made many smile as through his fate he cruised,
Day and night, every event passed, he felt the screaming face,
The unknowing world froze and bloomed through its own dreams,
And he cared not to make that brutalized shadow, morbid.

So my dear red hooded bird you too saw the smile but I failed,
To hide that sadness from my eyes which only you, noticed.”.
Then I saw the bird unbuffed as if found some warmth and flew.
I looked again all-around and walked into that long cold day.

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