A Question To Happiness.

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Loveliness touched my lips when her name I uttered,
The very breath that came with her name, warmed a whole winter,
Taunted by the pleasantness, her image in words I versed,
And thoughts became dreams, where happiness she and I defined.

I looked up and I looked down, and I looked deep within myself,
To feel the pleasantness again and again and indeed I succeeded,
Back I brought from childhood days of all my pleasant thoughts,
And one by one they fell short of the pleasantness I felt about her.

Though it’s cold in mid-winter blast, I still held up an icicle,
From the blazing sun above and the warmth of mine, it bloomed,
Like a while rose in the haste of the season of colors and love,
Ah’, every corner I looked in the dead of winter’s curse and found,

The loveliness of her spread sprouting from my heart,
Is this what they call the happiness of all of my love?
Is this yet another definition of a new birthed time?
Or is this the foley of the devil to drive me mad?

All those questions into thin air asked and walked with smiles,
Then all knowledge came with a spiritual touch and made me ask,
About what happiness in all truth, honesty, and belief meant to me,
Then to happiness I asked, “aren’t you, my darling girl in all definitions?”.

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Photo by Jayson Hinrichsen on Unsplash

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