My Curse.

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Oh’, the vicious torments of loneliness enjoyed,
Their taunting upon my soul and through veins,
Fueling fiendish thoughts deep in my mind,
About the one, she claims she loves instead of me.

A murderer I am not so safe he will be from my wrath,
A conjurer of cheap tricks I am not so safe her love will be,
Anger and violence, skepticism and silence are not what I seek,
As my own solace stood ground in learning earned, respect in honor.

Lost I am not in my own soliloquy, but mind kept on speaking,
Lost I am not in a love triangle, for I know she heard my heartbeat,
Every time I feel her touched by another I feel the pain of soul,
Ah’, the past time, present time and future ways tell, “why she hurts,”,

“Why she hurts her own conscience, with migrating mirages?”
And through the wilderness, the aching soul of mine wanders,
Oh’, the rest of my life I curse myself to live alone in prayers,
To erase every meaning of my life meant to happen to me,

As nothing ever makes meaning to me without her love.

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Photo by Filipp Romanovskij on Unsplash

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