An Invitation To Celebrate.

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A million flowers in seeds waited to bloom in smiles,
And become the muse of a poet to versify his dreams,
But the dark clouds of winter still in enraged dance,
Oh’, is that future an unwritten fate like my life in love?

The meaning of light meaningless for a born blind,
The meaning of music meaningless for born deaf,
When choices unknown to heart and soul for a lover,
His love becomes a pillar of foundation for his existence.

Oh’, lover of mine, why thou distracts from your love?
When love of yours was a selfless act of purity,
Why walk over the coals to test the sanctity of thy heart?
Why not let me carry you through times that make you tired?

Those million flowers will bloom into a magnificent spring,
That’s the inevitability you and I know in all surety,
That raven calls will be replaced by singing sparrows,
But let us celebrate the season of love today in our hearts.

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Photo by Joeyy Lee on Unsplash

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