The Way I Warmed My House.

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The day grew warm as Sun gained his strength lost to the night,
Yet another day I thought but the air well balanced stood,
The aroma of pleasance all-around a silhouette drew,
The very essence of souls, Ah’, dipped in the colors of the day.

My garden slept fast under the blanket winter well-woven gifted,
Icicles wept like a lover who lost his love in this world and next,
Yawned and straightened my bones when duties undone my sleep,
I looked in the mirror and saw a smiling friend, lover, and poet.

I smiled when in sadness I am lost, smiled when frustrations rocked,
I smiled when happiness I gave, I smiled when gladness eluded,
All gathered memories as lessons in later times I used as,
Nothing can outlast the smiles of mine which forever will remain.

No unlovely eyes around to watch my morning rituals dance,
What I forget to gain memory I dance and laugh at my own form,
The cold in the house after heating disturbed by my screams and,
My smiles warmed the house as at her face I looked again and again.

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