Abandoning Conscience.

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Betray not your soul in the cry of the wicked world,
Screamed the conscience to tell you word to word,
I sat on my seat unmoved and looked for an excuse,
To challenge conscience for a battle of thoughts.

Conscience at times loses all grammar of life,
Through my failures I bring, order and stability,
The so-called wicked world from our eyes hide,
Reality, with masquerades of immoral pleasantness.

In younger days many times and many ways I failed,
Then one day I told a story about my fake achievements,
None but my conscience were there as the listener,
And I woke up as a sad liar who achieved nothing in life.

When the world made me older and from me expected,
Wiser than the wicked ways of my wilder younger years,
Where did my conscience lose his ways to my reality,
I know not as all left in my hands were a betrayal of life.

As in my search for that lost conscience, I later heard,
The melancholic tunes from the throats of a lovely bird,
Following her tunes and rhythm in a path well shown,
I found my conscience that gave me a choice,

The happy version of the melancholic tune the bird sang,
Or forever stay with the righteous conscience of my life,
After years spending my lonely life in tears at last I smiled,
And told the bird to spread her wings upon which I flew to you.

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Photo by Klara Kulikova on Unsplash

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