The Knightly Thief.

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Sun gathered his might from inside the night,
All distant stars surrendered their dance and left,
The glow, Oh’, I compare to the might of glow I felt,
When into your soul I looked through your angry eyes.

Angry you were at me for verses I wrote or as an unworthy man,
To like you in romance and make you feel loved than one in dreams,
I challenged that fate, learned to love you more as love I surrendered,
Obliterated fear and learned to love better but failed in the fear of yours.

Thought and thought as the sun of our love prepared for a nightly dip,
Fought and fought like a sanctified knight protecting his queen,
Those dark chariots of our love’s night I fought off as I became,
The star, the sun, and all that love seek though unworthy I maybe.

The glow I gained, Ah’, not from my soul but from your soul,
The conqueror of love indeed stole the love from your soul,
For when in your soul I looked all I this knightly thief found,
Love in all its purity and a mighty glow meant only for me.

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Photo by João Voltolini on Unsplash

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