Sadness At Dusk.

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Dusks, Oh’, how wonderfully God created you all,
For, every day a new you show the melancholy of the day,
And a true lover will always shed a drop of tear when you leave,
With the hope better tomorrow sprouts from you at dawn.

He searched for the meaning of you in every corner of nights,
He searched for the meaning of you in every part of days,
Nothingness found new meanings and laughed boisterously,
And he hoped a new meaning will come through you someday.

Imaginations twinkled through mind faster than light,
Even in those imaginations found no meanings that speak,
The sadness you leave on every dusk he watched in tears,
And he hoped a new you will brighten imaginations on another day.

Then a day came when about all unforgotten things he thought,
And he found the meaning of sadness in you he always saw,
You show the soul of all who watches you and makes them feel,
The hope and all he found was the sadness of his soul in you,

As his lover and love were lost in a night that one day followed you.

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Photo by Dimitry Zub on Unsplash

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