The Defeated Lover.

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Defeated lover, Oh’, times of deception and betrayal passed,
No bloodshed, no soldiers fought, words spoken sparred,
And brought to time and space, suffering, with pain-filled,
Life altered, wishes burned, dreams drowned, loneliness returned.

Not heaven, nor angel, not the whole world, nothing bigger than life,
Just the normal man, walked, ate, slept, and dreamt like any man,
A simple man looked to become a heartbeat for a heart to chase,
Betrayed by unspoken words and deceptive acts, Oh’, well defeated.

Spiritual existence into a narrow, deep, and dark tunnel entered,
Only visions in mind guided as life slowly moved ahead,
Time and space, Oh’, dwarfed and at them, life mockingly laughed,
And never-ending the tunnel felt as strength too defeated felt.

The blended mind and conscience into the soul whispered,
About the beauty of the light at the end of this tunnel that will show,
The beauty of life through time and space again ahead will move,
How many spring and summer joys to enjoy and winters to survive.

Oh’, the beauty of that light has only one Earthly source,
The light, the Unimaginable Supreme being into life blessed,
Ah’, time and space defined many meanings and all meaningless became,
As the Earthly source only shown the face of yours in the purity of love.

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Photo by Elia Pellegrini on Unsplash

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