Mahidevran – Legend Of A Beauty.

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Mother nature in silence stood watching,
The pain of that mother in labor screamed,
The wholeness of womanhood embraced,
When that baby girl screamed out loud.

Why did she scream? None ever asked,
All ate sweets and some wiped tears of joy,
Those little hands and small eyes looked,
All around with eagerness and amazement.

Childhood days so blissfully taught,
From baby steps to sounds of nature,
The colors of nature to the touch of wind,
All made her heart a perfection of beauty.

She has the elegance of a poetic verse,
The shinning charm of a billion stars,
She can drown the sorrows of an era,
As every ray reflected from her is love.

Every step of her mother nature learned,
Ah’, childhood days faster they left,
And playful thoughts in her soul weaved,
Dreams of future ways and future days.

Blended all the perfections of seasons,
Mother nature took all lessons learned,
And into that young growing beauty ingrained,
Quality of a beauty that never fades.

Every step of her the world around rejoiced,
Pride many shown just being alive in her era,
As every perfection in front of her bowed stood,
Her smiles gave them all supplicated fulfillment.

As those days joined history in pride of joy,
To see a young lady blooming into the world,
Nothing mother nature in jealousy produced,
Outdone the charm and sweetness of Mahidevran.

The seasons changed so did our little beauty,
The princess one day stayed out late and fell asleep,
Upon the cooling grass where falling leaves fought,
To touch her and blanket her from the falling dews.

In her sleep through her conscience came, she saw,
Legends of her beauty far and wide, spread,
And the prince of an empire in despair pray,
In his eyes yearning for a love she saw.

All around him a thick dark mist danced,
Dark clouds filled the sky and thunders spoke,
In languages unheard and boisterous laughs filled,
With curses and malicious magic spells and sobs.

Waking up to an owl’s call back to her palace she ran,
And to her mother about the dream she saw she spoke,
And her surprised mother held her hands and said,
“Oh, blessed you are dear, I have news to tell you;”.

Unrolled a small painting the mother with a shy smile said,
“Your beauty and character, the world well heard and spoke,
The Sultan of the Ottoman asking for your hands for his son,
Here, see the charming prince Sulaiman, your future love.”

Surprised she stood as it is the image of the prince she saw,
In her dreams who stood with hands held high in prayers,
And to herself she promised, the love he yearns she will give,
And she will become a God-given blessing from him with love.

Thoughts through the dream pierced hard,
As what she saw she relieved in her mind,
Ah’, all around him dark clouds and fire she saw,
And she knew into that fire and clouds is where she walks.

                                           To Be Continued...

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