Drowning Dreams.

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The clouds by the wind painted,
Images everyone’s imaginations constructed,
Their shadows never ever by anyone felt,
Some rolled into the hearts of disappointed souls.

Oh’, to those disappointed, how many times reality looked,
Like a lie when the mind lost all hopes in dark illusions,
How wonderfully hopes made tragedies look pleasant?
Didn’t they all once take flight in our conscience?

Didn’t we define each other in what we weaved?
Threads one after the other that in looms of life set.
And one after the other each other’s dreams united,
And shown dreams as the romance between us projected.

The world is no crazy place as long before us in perfection made,
Lost our ways when rules of age, culture, and religion played,
In the hands of uncouth traditions and tantalizing mischiefs,
By friendly faces, who all will forget you and me in years to come.

Ah’, what’s left are the dreams you and I weaved,
As they through our minds like summer storm clouds float,
Oh’, life dried from all sides as loveless our minds became,
Even in the nights, Oh’, body melted like in a furnace.

After the long search, upon the dry bed of a river, I sat,
Failing to find a place to drown the dream of you and me,
Then to the passing time, I said, “Never heal this wound,
Never erase the memories, as my love ends in her.”.

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Photo by Konstantin Kopachinsky on Unsplash

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