The Girl Who Outshined Twilight

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With pen in hand and heart ablaze,
I’ll try my hand at poetry today.
I’ll weave some words to create a tale,
Of love, of loss, of hope, of travail.

The world around us, so vast and grand,
A canvas for the poet’s hand.
The trees that sway, the birds that sing,
A symphony that makes our hearts take wing.

The sun that rises in the east,
A daily miracle, a visual feast.
The stars that twinkle in the night,
A reminder of life’s eternal light.

The people we meet, the friends we make,
Their stories, their struggles, their hearts that ache.
The bonds we form, the love we share,
A gift from above, beyond compare.

In poetry, I find a place,
To express myself, to find my grace.
To tell the world of what I see,
And share my heart, unabashedly.

So let me end this verse, this rhyme,
With a hope for peace in these troubled times.
May poetry be a light in the dark,
And bring us closer, heart to heart.

Ended my rhyme and still, my heart versed,
The thoughts blended into smile-filled daydreams,
The ever searching eyes found a joy for my heart,
When an image flashed in front of my eyes.

In the midst of a green expanse,
Stands a girl in white, so serene,
The setting sun, her backdrop dance,
And twilight, her halo, it seems.

She weaves her way through scattered minds,
A dream-weaver, spreading magic and wonder,
Her beauty seeps into every thought and bind,
And her charms, like spring, tear hearts asunder.

The sun, it lingers in the sky,
Enamored by her pure grace,
But my love for her, it shines so high,
Outshining even the sun’s bright face.

Her warmth melts even the coldest of souls,
As they fall in love with the vision she brings,
Yet all she shows are enigmatic roles,
And a silhouette that never truly sings.

She stands there, so still and free,
A vision of beauty in the field,
Her presence brings such joy to me,
My heart to her, forever yield.

Her mystery is her greatest allure,
A puzzle to be solved, a game to play,
Her presence a gift, her absence a torture,
A fleeting vision, that fades away.

And as the sun begins to set,
And darkness takes its hold,
I’ll hold her close, my sweet brunette,
And never let her go.

She wanders on, weaving dreams in minds,
Leaving a trail of longing and desire,
Her beauty lingering, her presence enshrined,
In the hearts of dreamers who never tire.

For in this moment, all is right,
With her, my world’s complete,
The girl in white, my shining light,
My love, my heart’s retreat.

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Marina Regina

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