The Unseen Face

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Through the hallway of the old building she walked,
Face hidden from my searching eyes, Ah’, only her back in view,
Her right hand was tenderly clasped in her left,
As if life’s shallow feelings she never wants to let go.

In a white shirt and skirt, below her knees,
The right side of her thigh was revealed, with boots of black.
Her untamed hair danced on her back,
And with each step, an exotic beauty was unveiled.

The walls of the hallway echoed her grace,
As she passed, her beauty was a blessing,
Her presence was felt, though her face was unseen,
The hallway filled with her presence, so sweet.

The girl continued and vanished in the twilight,
A memory of her beauty, ever present in the night,
Her silhouette stayed in the minds of those who saw her,
Etched in the walls of that old building forevermore.

From that day for many days in mind a heavy weight I carried,
Her face I thought I must have seen, my mind forever craved,
What beauty that face must have had, Oh’, wishes restless ran,
Then to that hallway where I saw her I once more went,

And alone through that hallway, I walked in her imitation,
Somewhere in my mind echoed an embossed thought,
Life got better with just a beautiful face of her sketched,
By the walls, roof, and floors in my mind, her beauty in perfection.

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