Kindness Given In Pain

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Pain filled her face but still as an ornament appeared,
As in frustration, she tried to take her earring stuck,
Every passing minute added anger and pain but in vain,
Those lovely ears turned red as she persevered through pain.

Strength of her mind increased in sheer determination,
As stubborn became the earring and stayed stuck,
Pain grew through every vein of her and my eyes too welled,
A touch of love from her soul through her filling eyes I felt.

In the folds of her heart, a glimmer of hope I saw,
Hope in her resolve to conquer this minor hinder,
Her struggle may sound so small to all who hear and read,
But her strength and perseverance touched all who saw.

I will forever remember her courage and grace,
When my own obstacles in future I may face in life’s race,
For even in pain, anger, and pitiless adversity,
She taught me to find love and strength in simplicity.

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Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash

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