A Story In Black And White

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The ticking clock haunted heartbeat like a beast,
As swarms of memory from past woke and wept,
The stillness of mother nature still nurtured,
Threads of romantic dreams yet to be weaved.

Gone by are the days of love I thought,
As age grayed my beard and parts of head,
“Much older you are” a fairy told and left,
And my love I laid to rest, Ah’, at least I thought.

Somewhere from the good old days of mine,
I pulled the good I learned and forgave,
All who left without kindling the candles of love,
As darkness gave me charming looks of youth.

When in meditations of loneliness I sat,
Darts passed me by and my eyes opened,
To see who aimlessly hunts me in dark,
Her aim was sharp but missed me deliberately.

Found her hidden in camouflage of woods so green,
The light of love filled a lightless lover, ah love resurrected,
Who is she, and why from all colors of the world she hide?
I forgot every love begins the same, from unknown to known.

A piece of music unheard she whistled and I heard,
The story of a seeker of pure soul and kind heart,
And in return, I asked “Am I so pure and kind to you?”,
And to me, she sang “Open thy eyes from thy inner heart”,

I rested my head on the fat Oak beneath I sat,
And every sense found a change from all corners of life,
Every bit of color from everything unpeeled and fell,
As she showed me her true self of perfect purity.

I stood up and to her, I said, “The world needs us as a change,
As our love may erase darkness from many eyes in and out,
Then there is a world out there that will try to tear us apart,
To face all that if you are ready, hold my hand and guide me right.”.

As hand in hand out of the woods we walked,
The world indeed looked black and white and each step of ours,
Colored the world around and filled with springtime blooms,
Our story may still be black and white but colors awaited us ahead.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM–All Rights Reserved – 2023.

Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy on Unsplash

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