A Ride To Love.

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Through fields of green and pastures wide,
The train did chug and gently glide.
The countryside, so lush and grand,
Unfolded like a painter’s hand.

I sat alone, lost in dreamy thoughts,
Until a smiling lady near me caught
My eye, her beauty like the sprouting dawn,
From my thoughts, a lovely rose among the thorn.

We spoke of this and that, and more,
As we traveled on that train before.
I found myself drawn to her voice,
It made my heart skip, I had no choice.

As the journey wore on, we grew close,
The lady and I, like a budding rose.
She spoke her mind and shared her heart,
And I knew right then, we’d never part.

We talked and laughed for hours on end,
And with each passing mile, I called her friend.
But something more was blooming there,
A feeling I thought lost, that was rare and fair.

As we watched the world pass by,
She made me feel like I could fly.
She helped me see things I’d never seen,
And I knew she was my all-seasons queen.

With her by my side, the train ride was grand,
And I knew that she’d always understand.
As the sun set on that fateful beautiful day,
I knew that my love-filled heart was here to stay.

For, amid the tranquil countryside,
I’d found a love that could not hide.
And so I vowed to always be true,
To her as our hearts beat as one, side by side.

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Photo by Camille Minouflet on Unsplash

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