The Meditator.

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Oh’, through the silent moments of life, we wander,
Touching the lights of the glowworms that guide us,
Feeling the senses dreams from imaginations we painted,
Leaving a prayer at the shallow graves of unfulfilled dreams.

In darkness the meditator finds peaceful meanings,
As across blazing realities the meditator stands,
Bows of realities with strings filled with worldly pleasures,
Those arrows no meditator cares, but with will ignores.

Springtime birthed all around melting winter frost,
Like tears of a departing lover flown through streams,
And swimming in those crystal waters spring freshened,
The meditator felt nothing but heard Spring’s naughty giggles.

Those little disruptions the meditator enjoyed,
What little, material world can offer though plentiful,
Appeared and danced around those evil machinations,
Unbelievers who lost all worlds in imaginary sciences.

Every step the meditator took in this worldly journey,
Nature, time, and space into the meditator dissolved,
As life beyond life the meditator beyond five senses felt,
The journey prepared for another century of life fate wrote.

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Photo by Ian Stauffer on Unsplash

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