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Hi All, I am sorry for staying away from Xanga for couple of days. Things went that bad. I needed to fight with tooth and nail to get my ticket expenses from my company. For nearly five hours I even quit my job and told them I am leaving America for good if they don’t pay for my tickets. Well at the end of the day yesterday it was all sorted out with one phone call from the company CEO. Then it was his round of yelling at me. But everyone laughed at yesterday, today morning when I called them to tell that I am leaving on 20th from Washington, Dulles airport to Delhi and will be back on 7th June if the embassy stamps my visa. So that is what I have for you all. Pray for me.

Here is a poem I wrote a long time back when I was working in Miami, FL. Yesterday I took this poem and read it when I was going through the arguments with the company people. Thanks a lot everyone for the great supporting words, for many, many reason I just don’t feel Lonely anymore.

In Search Of Identity.

I still hear the echoes of my cry,
The cry I had at the time of my birth,
Many a time thought I,
Why so loud I cried,
May be because of the pain,
I’ve given to my mom,
Or thinking of this lonely life to live,
In this wild world.
So many years,
Filled with happy and sad days,
They’re all gone by,
Still I don’t know, the meaning of my name,
Still I don’t know, what am I to all I love,
Still I don’t know, why many love me,
And I don’t know, where to search for,
My own Identity.
And I cry even harder and loud,
Than at the time of my birth,
Each and everytime I lose,
In my search of Identity.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. This poem was first released on the web in LonelyPoet.Com in the early winter of 1998.
Creative Commons

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  1. thanks about the poem that one brought me tears when i wrote it but i knew i had to write it sooner or later thanks again! and i will bear with ya! ill pray for ya!

  2. Hey again! lol

    Sorry I forgot about your question you’d asked. I got my music links from Music_Galore, which is right here on Xanga. I had to remove the links (and player) from my site because for some unknown reason, it stopped working for me and I couldn’t hear the music anymore! I checked my speakers and everything…there wasn’t anything amiss with those. It was frustrating! There isn’t anything I can do now except go without music, which I hate. Music from other sites doesn’t even work for me now either.

    Anyhow, go to that music site…they have just about everything, as far as music.

  3. I did not mean that it haunted me in a bad sense. I meant it as a the highest form of praise. Thank you for this poem. The simplicity of phraeses and languages betrays the wonderful depth and complexity of your theme, and enchants the reader. It remind me of a poem I once heard Billy Collins read, but I have never seen printed. His poem was about the cries of his newborn/stillborn son. I appreciate your comments, annd hope all goes well with Immigration. 

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