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Depressingly hot that’s all I can say about the weather. Well I was in New York, it was a wonderful trip. I took Amtrak all the way. But I didn’t get the job.

 All day yesterday and today I was
trying to configure mail for one of my domain and it just don’t work. I
contacted the support guys and they also were not able to figure out
why. That is another frustration.

 My job here was supposed to be
over yesterday, but looks like these guys are going to keep me for
another week or two. My mother finished all her medical check up.
Doctors found a small swelling inside her stomach. Nothing to worry it
is some bacterial infection. So she is happy and I am happy about that.
Yesterday I started calling my life the ‘F’ word once more. I don’t
know why, I am just too busy and crazy. But there are those moments I
just sit and think and understand more and more this whole idea of life
on earth. Every passing second has a beautiful meaning embedded in it.
And I am forgetting that fact and call those seconds a bunch of
rascals, because it means nothing to me. That which don’t care about me
don’t mean anything to me and I will call them whatever that comes into
my mind.

 I’ve written about something it
was about what I noticed about the way people change through age. Well
I removed it as I thought rather than a self criticism my writing went
wild after many things which I never thought about writing when I
started writing that piece. May be I will think about that idea a lot
in the coming weeks and bring out something. But unlike many other
writers I don’t like to write anything when my mind sways with multiple
problems. There are no multiple problems in front of me now. From the
patterns I see I know things can go bad. Where, when, how I don’t know
that is my problem.

 Enough craziness for the day, my
love for my family on xanga is immense I cannot get out of my office
without giving you my share for the day.

 Here is another poem from LonelyPoet.Com.


Where do I find a way?
That prepares the long road ahead,
All the dreams have fallen by the way,
But your face fills my life.

A little more care by you,
Would not have caused the sway,
But tell me what dream I should pursue,
In my way to you.

Alone in the middle of somewhere,
Where life stands still,
And I belong to nowhere,
In my pursuit to your loving heart.

But now when I walk through the darkness,
Just with the wish of lighting your life and love,
Past seem fading into colorless images and to darkness
What glorifies is the image of my love.

From stillness life just cruises away,
And fallen on the ground with face down,
I could only weep and stand at bay,
Smelling the sand that god used, to bring me down.

May be you are right and I am wrong,
Sure I know nothing of the days ahead,
May be I am right and you are wrong,
Let love rule the life of yours ahead.

When leaving with a prayer for you,
Regretting the unknown mistakes of the past,
And the lost ways I pursued,
An image still stays colorful,
With your smiling face in all its glory.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. This poem was released in LonelyPoet.Com in the summer of 1999.

Creative Commons


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  1. “Every passing second has a beautiful meaning embedded in it” That is just so true. What a nice observation to bring to everyones attention. Alot of times we forget that. Thanks for the reminder. I hope everything goes well for you in all of your endeavors. Thats good about your Mom and one less worry for you. You are just so sweet and wonderful. (((((hugs)))))

  2. thanks so much for looking out for me. youre an amazing person, you know that? you really helped me. i dont feel that way now, because ive learned to love myself. its just…..sometimes i get hit with certain feelings, as does everyone. being a poet, im sure you know how this is.

    as for your work, wonderful. as always. its as if youre struggling with following your path independently or letting love lead the way, which is a risk, as love is a slippery creature.

  3. well thanks for once one of my poems have rythm yay……..last night i wrote 2 poems woohoo……….so i shall get them up maybe next time i write again i’ll put them up sometime they seem pretty good but maybe lame ahh but who knows well tu2l byez

  4. it is funny you should ask that, I just read an article or interview thing with her in some magazine and it said she wants to write different stories, and in truth she really hates fantasy stories and it wasn’t until she finished the first book that she had realized what she had done. She said she will be really sad after the seventh book is released, but it will also be a big load off her shoulders. I think she just had a baby a few weeks ago too, so I suppose she will take a break and spend lots of time with her family.

  5. Great poem!

    You know, people say that life’s let downs make us stronger because they force us to lift ourselves back up.  Keep on your feet Mr. Poet, but don’t foget to let your head take a joy ride in the clouds sometimes too.  I’m sorry you didn’t get the job, but everything happens for a reason.  You’ll find something else, just keep looking.  For someone who looks at life like you do, you’ll be fine.  To see a hint of beauty in everything and everyone is a special talent and should be cherished.  Yeah, life sux sometimes and there’s no point in trying to deny it.  The thing that separates the losers from the winners, is the effort one puts into turning life’s bad points to their advantage in a way best for everyone around including themself.  Just keep at it Mr. Poet and things will change.  I promise you that. 

  6. heyy, i like the new poem it’s really good. i haven’t been able to write anything lately so i don’t know when i’ll be able to post a new poem..it’s like i can’t figure out what to write. but anyways i gotta go i’ll ttyl


  7. Theres something appealing about Amtrak. While I find the trains to be rather crude, in comparision to what I have heard about European trains, it seems more appealing than an automobile, bus, or even plane.

    I appreciate your kind comment and return it by saying you too write well.  

    Interesting song by the way. I’ve heard it before but I can’t place the artist…


  8. hey this is shirin escape_writting… anyway, im from iran thats so cool ur from india.. anyway, thanx for the comment i just cant seem to get the poem right though…

    <33 Shirin

  9. thank you for the comment on my site. i appreciate your compliment about my writing. i know human affirmation should not be the source of motivation for writing but i admit it has invigorated me and encouraged me to release more of my thoughts and feelings. thank you for that.

  10. Hey

    I am just too busy and crazy.
    This is an exact description of my life. If only I could capture more stilll moments, like now…

    Sorry to hear that you didn’t get the job in NY…it’s their loss. Glad to hear nothing is serious with your mom.

    Your words are superb, as always…..this is a wonderful glimpse into your heart…

    P.S.: I’ll write something as soon as my muse wakes up. Overwork is affecting it. lol

  11. ryc: Blackbird picture.  Well, hey, thanks for the kind words.  You are more than welcome to copy the picture and use if the mood strikes you to repost the poem. (Or even if you just want the picture.)

    Riding trains is a hobby of mine.  I love Amtrak.  Some of the best stuff I have ever written has been on the rails.  I get grounded in motion.  Hope you find the kindness on the path that you have so freely given.  Peace

  12. When leaving with a prayer for you,
    Regretting the unknown mistakes of the past,
    And the lost ways I pursued,
    An image still stays colorful,
    With your smiling face in all its glory.

    This last stanza…I love this one.

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