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The blazing heat still depresses me every second.
The stale conditions are enjoying my misery with the pleasure of a
vampire. I wonder how long I have to wait. I just don’t know that there
is going to be any clarity soon. There is an event I am waiting for
that will complete a lot of my thoughts.

  Mmm those are the
thoughts that I said into my recorder during lunch break when I was
driving to Jerry Subs. After lunch I talked to my marketer and there
isn’t much happening there either. So I have to wait again. The pain of
waiting is incredible.

 Said that I remember two poems I
wrote out of a song I wrote when I first started writing in English.
The song was called “Looking, Thinking And Waiting”. Even though I
burned that song before I left India
I wrote the Looking and Thinking part as two poems and put it in my
website. The waiting part is something I did not write as I know I will
only pain myself more as all my life I was waiting for things that did
not existed.

Here is one of the poem.

 Looking For You.

The sun went by saying bye,
Darkness adored my little eyes,
Some where across the city,
You rest after the hectic day.

My past I remember,
Lived with open eyes, always,
Kicking away bad patches of life,
But always with hopes about life,
Not alone but with love,
Love of that girl that guides me right.

Every day went by,
But hopes lingered on,
That kept my eyes open,
Every night went by,
But dreams kept me alert.

From the moment of birth,
With all my senses I described,
The sweet heart that will enlighten my soul,
And now, here, near me you are,
I can only love you a little more every day,
’cause so long I was looking for you.

 ©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. This poem was released in LonelyPoet.Com in the spring of 1999.

Creative Commons


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  1. oh no im glad your honest…and glad you had a liking too to it too…but yeah…..the whole putting “dear crush” at the beginning is sort of ahahaha yeah i know what you mean….but i just thought that maybe it would make the poem maybe a little not interesting but ahh i dk…like a love letter type thing or w/e hahaha but yeah im glad your honest makes me think more on when i continue to write more and more poems thanks

  2. Your poetic talents are so good, that sometimes its hard to believe that English isnt even your first language. You really have some skills. I hope you seen get a rest from the heat and humidity and the waiting for your answers. Stay sweet  and cool my friend.

  3. The worst part of the summer season is the heat…this year it seems to be more so…hope you can feel better…

    Do you like storms? I just drove through one. How exhilerating to outrun a tornado in formation! lol (too bad it never actually touched ground, but this makes for the basis for a possible poem in the works soon…)

    Your poem is beautiful…as all your works are…bless you for sharing the beauty that is you!

  4. I’m right here Mr. Poet!!!!!

    Hhhhmmm…waiting.  Waiting can be wonderful, but it can turn on you as well.  Sometimes waiting for an answer you don’t want to hear, is easier than waiting for one you know is good.  Or it can work vice versa, depending on who the person is…So wait, where are you now?!  Are you in Virginia or Texas?!  Sorry, I’m 16, ya have to forgive me for being stupid.  Hhhhhmmm…You know, everybody waits for something through their lives.  Perhaps if they stopped waiting, and decided to take matters into their own hands, life would be more fruitful and interesting…Don’t hesitate to pursue your dreams Mr. Poet, but if you really want something, you can’t just sit around and wait.  You’ve gotta do something!

    What that something is, will always be up to you.  Have you ever considered pursuing something just out of your reach that you’d never think yourself capable of doing or really having.?  I dunno, just some thoughts, sorry I haven’t helped much Mr.Poet!  I’m a horrible advice giver…Anywho, I hope things clear up, or in your case, the clouds come and cool you off!  Stay cool Mr. Poet.  (Ha ha, mini joke in that…)

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