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This is a day that gone by about 5 light years away from me. Well none of my five senses felt the day or anything in it.

I have WPPD (Web Purchasing Paranoia Disorder) I
don’t buy anything from the web. But today I broke all my paranoia and
brought a WiFi Card for my PDA phone. I cannot fully say I broke
through all my panics, I used my paypal account but did not used it
directly, I moved money from my bank to paypal and then paid with it.
Whew what a relief. Usually I buy stuff when I was about to go out of
employment. That is what I did today. Hehehe. Blow my own resources.
Little crazy isn’t it. Well that is what I am.

Here is the second dose for my
“Looking, Thinking And Waiting” Poems. There won’t be a waiting part to
this poem. And I don’t want you my Mo Cushlas  to wait. I hope you all understand what I mean.

 Thinking About You.

All my life I felt like a star twinkling,
With thoughts of a clear night,
When my sweetheart’s bright lucky star I become,
A loving glimpse of her will give birth,
To a million lucky stars of mine,
Light years away I may be,
But thoughts about her,
Still keeps this loving heart warm. 

With closed eyes through the dark I wander,
With the northern wind blowing,
Whispered into my ear, into my soul,
That my sweetheart is guiding me,
To the absolute perfection of life,
Even in the darkest part of the dark,
A thought about her guides me,
Guides me right, guides me to light. 

Every corner of my heart and soul is filled by her,
In everything I see, hear, feel and smell,
My love for her I find,
Even in deep sleep,
With her is my heart and soul,
Unseen and unheard about her,
Only thoughts described her in full.

Now the mist is gone, so is the veil of darkness,
The guiding ray, guided me to you,
By the pale moon and by all the creations on earth,
I swear,
From heaven till now,
I was thinking about you.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. This poem was released in LonelyPoet.Com in the spring of 1999.

Creative Commons


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  1. climbing bellies eh? hm. sounds like an interesting hobby. or climbing your own belly? ha i am so easily confused. and amused actually.
    that song (shall we dance) is from the king and i, and anna and the king i believe. smashing movie you should watch it.
    you write many love poems, all of which are lovely. i hope you are not lonely. you will have nto trouble finding love. i wonder if sometimes it chases people..

  2. Hey Mr. Poet!

    Hhhmmm…I know you understand life better than me, I mean, lets face it…I’m 16 living in a sheltered family environment.  However, that also gives me an open minded innocence that adults rarely remember having.  (Yes, an innocent 16 year old…pretty conflictive…)  Why can’t you choose what you wait for?  What a man does and what choices he makes, constructs his life and future.  You need to figure out a way to set up the present so that it will affect the future in a positive way.  Help others and do good deeds,  continue enjoying  life, and wait for them to be repaid.  There are good people in this world, and they rarely forget a good deed.  Make good decisions Mr. Poet, and good results will follow.  Wait for the good stuff, and meanwhile like right now, tolerate your mistakes and what you indeed have no control over.  Sometimes things really are out of our hands, sadly, more often than not.  Sometimes God throws us a few testers to see how we will react.  It sounds like you’re doing good, just ride everything out, that’s what I do.

    Your poems create such awesome imagery.  I can picture the things you say, and feel the emotions the words convey.  I’m jealous!

  3. “With closed eyes through the dark I wander,
    With the northern wind blowing,
    Whispered into my ear, into my soul.”

    I’m wind biased, thus I love those lines. Hahah, I agree, your imagery is great. I’m big on imagery myself, but I’m not sure I execute them well.

    Aria and Sonata you ask? The images used in my gfx, are celebrities, one Futo Maki and the other Mika Nakashima. Aria and Sonata themselves are just figments of my imagination in a fiction I’m working on. I made that gfx to give readers a preview of what their image and aura would be like.

    You seem to write a lot about love.

  4. I’ve never purchased anything over the net. I’m glad I don’t have a paypal account because I don’t think I’d be able to trust myself not to go hogwild somewhere, such as ebay. lol

    Your poems convey such heartfelt and incredible beauty…..it is like an inviting warmth that one can just lose themself in…(Did that make sense? It’s all good!)

  5. Ha ha!  Yes, it does suck!  I’ve been looking around for some new layouts, but I haven’t found any I’ve liked recently…My new one cuts off the writing…What, do you want me to go back to the sexy faery layout?!  Ha ha!

  6. Hey I saw you comment on Bobby’s site and decided to check you out. Nice poem, I write poetry, but I just can’t stop rhyming, so it’s not as profound as yours. Stop by my site.

  7. Unfortunately, I have to understand _everything_ but I did have a little trouble with the 3rd and 4th lines of the first stanza.

    But, that said, it is such a powerful poem because it’s “nice” {eh, loss of words ^_^; } to be thought about and supported (that is, if I’m not putting words in your mouth) fully by someone who loves you.

    “Crystal” gazing eh? cute…very cute. ^_^ 

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