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My mind is in a swing, going up and down in an
even rhythm. My body was dancing in the rain yesterday evening. WoW I
loved it. What a blessing rain is. Those are the moments I remember how
valuable life is and how materialistic our attitude is. Well said that
I wanted to do more ‘bull’ dancing in the rain but the thunder and
lightning scared the ghost out of me.

The stale life of mine still continues. I think I
am enjoying life better than the most blessed person in the world as I
see nothing ahead of me. And my past? It took the shape of a wonderful
woman and ran away with another good looking young guy called ‘Fate’. 

I thought of posting an article one of my friend
sent to me earlier today about poetry. Later he came back and told me
not to post it in here as he couldn’t find the copyright information.
He is looking for it once I get it I will post it here. It is a good
one many of your may like it.

This is a poem I’ve taken again from the chapter
‘She’ from my website. The new poems I am working on are all getting
ready. I just can’t say when I will like posting them here. But sure my
fellow xangans I will not disappoint you all. 

Here is the poem. 

To Be Loved By You.

In my lonely wanderings,
The call of my soul I heard,
Weeping alone, wishing to be heard. 

The ways to your heart, I hope,
Are all still open to love,
But dear never throw away my love,
Out of earth, into deep space,
Let my love share and care yours. 

The April rain brought flowers,
The wind spread more life,
But here in the valley of love,
Only the cry of my soul I hear,
And see the ruins of the remains,
Of a lost kingdom of love,
From those ruins I wish to build our life,
But everything I did alone failed,
Even to cast a brick. 

A look of love of yours I know,
Will rebuild the empire of love,
Heal the pain of this aching heart,
Wipe the tears of this crying soul,
And at your door step I stand bare footed,
With dreams about hopes and hopes about love
To be loved by you.

 ©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. This poem was released in LonelyPoet.Com during the spring of 1999.

Creative Commons


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  1. Whoa!  That poem blew me away! Especially the last three lines. 

    Yes, rain is wonderful.  I love standing out in storms.  If my parents knew I did that, they’d freak for sure, but ah well…Jeez Mr. Poet, I have a major dilemma.  I don’t mean to burden you further, but I think you might be able to help me.  Okay, so I’ll lay it out for you.

    I’ve been best friends with this one girl for five years, and suddenly I find that I’m sharing her with two other people she calls her “other best friends.”  I had a fight with one of them over the summer and she called to apologize.  Then she mentioned that she was going over to my old best friend’s house…It hurts…It’s selfish of me to want my best friend’s attention all the time.  I’m just possessive I guess, but I’m never number one on her list anymore.  I was for five years, like I said, and it’s just hard stepping down.  Sure, I’ve got other friends, but they have better friends as well.  I’m not number one on anybody’s list, and that seriously hurts to realize that. Perhaps you could give me a few words of encouragement.  Thanks. 

  2. well thanks for the suggestion………..i will give that some thought maybe i will…and if i do i will post it……….thats y the poem it’s so lame to me but yeah…well i’ll try that out if i can rethink things maybe my feelings for it will change hahaha who knows…….thanks though

  3. Criss Angel amazes me sometimes, when I saw the Hummer drive onto the board I started crying for some reason. I usually think beds of nails are awesome, but they do hurt pretty bad just laying without weight on you. (experienced it once) Oh, and you don’t have to lie about my pic I know how it looks, and it is by far not what you say it is.


  4. oh i know but i may put it to some good use at least……….ill have to re-read ita nd try to put more into it of how i feel….that time it was differnet when i had those feelings but maybe i can add more of my feelings o it yeah know well i shall try maybe

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