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{Changed The Song to Blues For My Baby And me, From The Album, Don’t Shoot Me I’m Only The Piano Player, By Elton John.}

The Undesired.

Oh’ there isn’t a story I can dream about,
As all were in mind already written,
There isn’t a surprise anyone can bring in,
As every bit of possibilities figured out.

The love deep I felt in my heart I hold,
And I see everything around me fall apart.
Reasons I seek not about events undesired,
Times changed I thought were all mirages.

When all that I saw heard and seen,
Fade away into thin air leaving,
Me in ruins and utter confusion,
I understand not why I still seek,
That which I am not supposed to seek,
And for all that why a little palm wipes,
The clouds over my dead lucky stars?

In how many ways should I speak my gratitude?
How deep should I bury what I feel?
Oh’ I feel the ground beneath my naked feet,
That which I thought ended still remain,
The dream, mirages, pain and a new face,
Slowly starting to form a future image,
Still I seek not the reasons for all these undesired.

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  1. actually, my post wasnt really anything about what i was “feeling.” it was an excerpt from a journal entry of mine. its about finding out who i am, and what my character is like; that God made me the way i am.

  2. wow…..quite moving, actually, really made me think and put myself in the poet’s shoes.  “my dead lucky stars.” oh wow, i loved those words, i don’t know why.

    beautious, as always.

  3. poetrybox –
    that poem was absolutley beautiful, and brought tears to my eyes.  Your abilities as a writer continue to amaze me and surpass my expectations everytime i read one of your works.
    You are a beautiful writer with a beautiful soul. 
    Thank you for your inspiration

  4. LOL i love the profile pic. is that you??? LOL.

    anyways, thank you so much for the suggestion! finally! somebody is speaking out their minds… people just say it’s nice and all but they don’t know what’s behind…. so anyways, i’ll make sure to revise it… that was written like centuries ago!!! hahaha… well have a great week ahead and be careful.

    looking forward for your blogs.

    speaking of blogs, i love this line in your poem:

    I understand not why I still seek,
    That which I am not supposed to seek,

    I still don’t understand why i seek things that i am not supposed to… wow, i connected deep on this one… 🙂 well keep up the good job… and errrrrrrrrrr…. yeah… 🙂 i don’t know what to say as of now… LOL… okay, bye for now.

  5. thank you. thank you. coming from you, i am honored with that comment you left in my poem. it took me a week to get that poem done!!! *whew*! LOL. somehow the “elusive” child and i are quite similar and quite different in a way. i was very sociable at the age of 7… but now, i am dubbed as a “loner.” i do not know why they keep tagging people… but i found it to be true that i am a loner… somehow, it makes me feel a little better because i keep away people… especially those that are potentially harmful. heheh….

    life is an amazing journey. it’s painful, joyfoul, depressing, and optimistic… but it’s never boring…. (well, at least not in my life.)


  6. adorable picture. oh whata cute boy you were. for now boys are just going to be my friends. im still a kid anyways. then if i meet the right person-eh..- who knows maybe ill be more than a friend.. but for now

    im going to uncomplicate my life.
    as thoreau said “simplify simplify simplify”

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