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I am glad to hear the comments on my profile picture. haha. yeah that’s
me. I was about 7 years old at that time. Now I don’t know how many
care to know what that 7 year old have become.
I am 36 years old now. Be aware or prepared to be very scared. Click on one of these links.

Youngest Ever
Childhood Days

Current Look

The current looks is not so current. None of them are recent ones. From
the pictures with the cap I’ve lost more than 45lbs. I have other
pictures of my family, especially the ones in the 90s I will post it
when I move them to the server.
Alrighty. Thanks for the wonderful comments all posted for my poems. I love them all.
Here is an interesting fact, I usually don’t expect anyone to comment
back even though I love to hear from you all. I have some favorite
sites and two of my favorite writers I always go to their sites and
read their posts and comment on those posts. Other than being my
favorite writers they both have one more thing in common. They both
don’t say anything about my poems. One don’t have any time the other
don’t comment on any sites at all. But the one who don’t comment on any sites surprisingly came to my site and
said hello to me in my last post. Still failed to say anything about the poem.
They are the ones from whom I expected comments for my last couple of
poems. I was left disappointed. But still I love their writings.

I am going to New York tomorrow. Lot of packing to do.
Bye bye, Virginia.

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  1. Hey man!

    Sorry about me not commenting much on here!  I’m glad to see you’re doing well, and I hope the move goes well.  I’m excited because Halloween is coming soon!!!!!  Anywho, school, band, and theatre is all killing me cuz I barely have any free time left!  Well, I gotta go.  (Oh, I loved the pics!!!!)

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