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I am in Albany, New York. psst.. dead downtown. Nothing is open. As it
is the month of fasting I can eat only in the night. Now I am kinda on
a water diet. Didn’t got anything to eat. haha. Well.. I am a believer.
That which I didn’t got this night I will get in a better way. I am
sure about it.

Well my xangans. I don’t have any poem for today also. I drove straight
for 7 hours and during the drive itself I break my fast by drinking
apple juice and eating some cashews.  Now the bed is waiting for
me or rather my head is wishing for it.

The last post had one effect, one of the favorite writers of mine (the
one who never comments on any sites) came
and commented on something entirely different. Still no word on my poem
even after I told her a particular poem may interest her. haha. The
other one is after
comics I think.haha

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  1. Well, I hope you can get to writing soon. Seven hours in a car, it took me that long to get home from Tennessee last night. It should have only taken four and a half…so I can understand not having the energy to write.


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