Tess Of The D’Urbervilles-Phase The Second–Maiden No More

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On a personal note, I am too sad for multiple reasons. I just couldn’t get my act together. Nothing worked in these last 5 days. I visited so many sites and looks like many are not happy with this holiday. I hope the next one will be far better.

On the funnier side. After playing so many Elton John songs I think my Computer had turned gay. I have to keep it always on my lap, otherwise it will shutdown, you know what it wants…haha.

I know so many of my regular visitors did not comment on the first of the eight poems. I can understand that most of you are all out there shopping and having fun. I am sorry to bring you these huge poems at this point of time. My favorites like Sam Nolte will hate me for writing such long poems. My apologies to you all who like to read short poems.

The second phase of the book “Maiden No More”, the shortest first draft I wrote of all the eight poems. There is a vast description of a field woman’s life in England in this section. I loved reading it. But when I am looking from my view into just the character those descriptions are not necessary at all. So I avoided it altogether. I may later re-write most of these poems. But for that I need completely free time with nothing to bother me. When my love goes freewheeling it is hard to get anything out. The irony is nothing is conclusive yet. What I have is disheartening silence.

Tess Of The D’Urbervilles-Phase The Second–Maiden No More

No true woman can hide,
Beneath the tyranny of manhood,
So did Tess walking miles away,
From the noble who have no soul,
Who could only ask her to open her beauty,
Without opening his heart,
So not a word of matrimony came from those lips,
As everything in the Lead sealed mind of his,
Filled with luxury, lust and inhuman aristocracy.

Oh’ the curse to mankind he can draw,
From that soul so pure,
But men lived then, now and forever are saved,
As hatred to her heart unknown.

The dawns and dusks of Marlott welcomed,
Tess back with strange colors and patterns all around,
Though her childish innocence badly wounded,
In weeks out of her seclusion she came,
To the house of God where she found,
Parishioners looking strangely and whispering,
Sick at heart with disgrace back she went into seclusion,
Under a few yards of thatch,
Winds, snow, rains, dawns, dusks and
Many full moons she watched.

Out she went once in a while after dusk,
When brightness of the day bows away to the dark,
Finding liberty in lonely woods among sleeping birds.
Though made to breach a social law,
She knew the guilt she felt washed away,
In nature’s tranquility that merged in her heart.

Rumors, mockery and disgrace,
Will never bother a woman,
Illicit or not but motherhood always perfects,
Every woman beyond any reasons man can know.
The world around her looked at change,
From virgin girl to a single mom,
And bearing pain of death of Sorrow,
She called her son that name near his death,
May be to bury what sorrow remained,
Of the lost innocence of her childhood as a child,
And to enter the world of youth as a lady,
Though the child’s soul left her astray,
Priests and society can chant,
The mockery of mankind with laws,
But a mother is always a mother,
In her duty to god as the reason,
For that soul to be on earth and back to heaven.

Oh’ Tess, you touched deep me and many,
When you kissed your child in that field,
And baptized him in the dark of night,
And buried him with a prayer in mind.

Though Tess shown the mighty will of her,
To hold life in her own way,
But world always fence life in,
Catapulted to womanhood from childhood,
The role of a field-woman she played well,
The drama of harvest was over,
Back to the house back she went,
But when status and hunger called,
Into the plight in she walked,
The beginning of life for her she thought,
As fate shown a glitter of delight,
Away from disgrace in employment.

(End Of Phase Two).

Here is a link to the second phase of the book. Tess Of The D’Urbervilles-Phase The Second–Maiden No More

8 Replies to “Tess Of The D’Urbervilles-Phase The Second–Maiden No More”

  1. wow Riaz~  I feel like I’ve been takin back in time…to another way of life…another space in time many years ago.  Reading this Phase…Maiden no more.   It’s painful and lovely. Thanks for sharing.  I will read the other later.

    My thanksgiving was good.  Family traveled from afar.  Our second son and his girl were here as well.  We ate, shared and had a close day.  Close…by that i mean…we talked and laughed and cooked together. 

    I am sorry you have been sad.  You know that you can grow in your sadness.  You can be reflective and write during your pain.  With sorrow comes healing.  Be rest assured that your brighter days are just ahead. 

    You are always in my heart and prayers.  I know God will help you thru this time of trial.   Ahhh….sweet Riaz, i wish you comfort and peace my friend.  I wish you a night of rest as well.  May your dreams be filled with the joy that comes from finding the one true love.  May you awake in the morning with a smile on your face and a skip in your step.    Love, Kimmie*

  2. Yes she is real ….. this has been a most excellent holiday , because of her. I have spent over 12 hours talking with a dream from my past in the last couple days. I know not where it leads but it is a path I will follow.  I saw your post and thank you and assure you I will read and comment on your posts in this series soon.

    humbly and happily your friend,


  3. I’m sorry you are sad this holiday.  It’s not unusual for people to get a bit down around the holidays.  Put a smile on, walk out the door and say “hello” in the happiest voice and biggest smile you have to everyone you see and you will see that it is contagious and people will look at you with the same happiness.  You will at least feel better about yourself.  It works…try it…and stop saying you’re ugly (on the comment you left me about your personal truth)…no one who writes such beautiful words could ever be ugly!


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