To My Mo Cushle

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Sam Nolte, I am sorry… this is like the fourth time I am saying this
including the comments I posted in her site. I think I accidentally
deleted a comment she left for my last post. I think I saw it today
morning but now I couldn’t find that comment. The only one who can
delete any comment is me, unless someone hacked in and deleted it.
Well… why would someone hack in and delete just that comment. Hehehe.
In all probability that was a bad accident to start with. That is what last apology is for.
  That was a wonderful comment she
left last night, though it questioned my wisdom, that comment indeed
was an eye opener. Thanks again. What it was all about was her response
to this.
“For the first time I think I am commenting on someone’s
site who is too young to read. I know my boundaries here very well I
will not cross that.”
    Sam now I know you are
not too young for anything. You are the perfect girl/lady/woman. And
above all you are my Mo Cushle. Nothing will change that, nothing can
change that. Please be sure to say at least a word for every post I
leave here it will be a wise one and if ever you are sad for any
reason, count on me I will be there for you to talk to or to lean on. I normally don’t promise anything,
when I do, I only do one kind, the good ones.
Now to all others, my virtual family.
I’d love to post another poem here but nothing looks good in another
panic Friday. Everything went south. But may be once I reach home and
stretch a bit I will be able to kiss my muse and give you all a poem.

This is a poem from my old CD. I wrote it in San Francisco, sitting
with Valentina my ex-girlfriend in the Irish Cafe at Union Square. I
saw a homeless couple sitting in front of the Starbucks nearby. I just
named it.

You all have a wonderful Weekend.

Sleeping Innocence.

Oh the little child that sleeps on the street,
Of the homeless couple that lives in the alley,
Not seeing the darkness that covered the globe,
Asleep in peace with the warmth,
Of the bosom of the her loving mom.

Sleep O’ Child; sleep in the warmth of your mom,
The world has little to offer you,
So the fate your parents living through,
But those meager things they offer,
Will let you sleep in the warmth of unconditional love,
And wake up untried,
When the mornings aren’t dark anymore.

11 Replies to “To My Mo Cushle”

  1. ah, a war born out of lies, eh maybe….but a war of a worthy cause? most definately. never undermine the facts my fellow debator, WMDs did exist in Iraq as Saddam used them many times. Maybe we could have found them if the U.N. didn’t suck each other’s dicks for 6 months while large convoys moved in and out of Iraq in lines. I wouldn’t put it past us not to find WMDs, we couldn’t even find Osama…..but nevertheless war is upon us, and we are winning that war despite what some may think. Are we going to eliminate terroism? of course not. Will we free Iraq? yes. Have we made it better for them? yes. Is saddam and his genocidal army and childeren rid of? yes. holla back

  2. For everyone’s information. I am a poet. Not a political talker. I am not a conservative. I am not much of a liberal either, Even though I was labeled as one during anti-war protests in San Francisco. If anyone brings in Politics here he/she will be blocked.


  3. You have no need to be sorry at all. My one comment will be made up by all of the others that I post here, I promise that to you in return.

    I must say, everyday that I come home from work, school, dance, etc, I always look forward to seeing your posts and comments…and I want to thank you. I am always honored to be your Mo Cushle, and will always be as such.

  4. I definitely liked it, but for some reason it left me wanting more.

    I wonder why a poet cannot be political. I look at all the Romantic and Victorian poets of England and I see socio-political commentary all over the place. And the poem “Sleeping Innocence” is a socio-political poem as well. I just thought I’d throw that out there. Peace, Benn.

  5. Totally, understandable and I agree with you. Comments should be left to the critical analysis of the writing (e.g. what is good, what is bad, what should stay, what should be changed); however, I very seldom see any of that going on. There is never negative comments left, which is quite disconcerting. Peace, Benn.

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