The Curse Of The LonelyPoet.

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Long time back when I was in India, I met a girl and was very friendly
with her. We did not had any romance at all. At least that’s what I
thought. But when it came that I should go and spent sometime learning
more about writing and poetry. I told her she should find a good nice
husband after she told me that she likes me a lot. She told me that I
will live the rest of my life as the ‘LonelyPoet’.

  Said that…. Later in my life about four years later I met the
perfect girl I was looking for all my life. I called her “the blessing
of my life”. We have had a great time together. But there were a lot of
people jealous of us being together and I started hearing a lot of
stories connecting her and other guys. I wrote a poem at that time
which I shown to her and she said,” you should’ve never written a poem
like that”. In another three months things changed dramatically with me
finding her sitting behind another guys motor bike. Lot of arguments
and questioning went on and I was proven wrong that the guy in fact was
her cousin taking her to the doctor. She left me without saying much.
She is now married with four children.

  The poem I wrote is one of the poems that survived from my
writings in India. I burned everything I wrote till that time except a
diary kept during that time. It was an act to leave all memories
behind. I made some modifications to the original version which after
coming to United States I rewrote when I was in Indianapolis. Today as
I was sitting alone in the quietness of my hotel room I thought about
those events and I also thought everyone whom I like either don’t like
me or were already taken. I took the poem out of my old CD and did some
changes and added the last paragraph.
The Curse Of The LonelyPoet.

From the day I remember things in life,
Hazy but comforting a face in mind I saw,
For a glimpse of the real I waited,
But without a sight I outlived time.

When in life the smile of love I may see?
Don’t know the fate don’t know the secrets of the feeling,
All guesses and unfulfilled wishes,

Oh’ the winds changed its course,
Like bunches of fresh blossomed Jasmine,
In front of me you stood as the fulfillment,
Of fortunes, of blessings of heart,
You are the face of all blessings of mine, I said,
No darkness can fade your face from my mind,
The whole mankind may doubt and try
To change the course of my righteous love,
Otherwise mankind can’t be called likewise,
If they cast a doubt in my mind, I cursed,
The curse of loneliness will melt me,
In the flames of your conscience.

The course of time and crooked minds outplayed,
With my love for her in doubts of her sanctity,
And forever I lost her, the blessing of my life,
And forever I’ll live in my own curse.

17 Replies to “The Curse Of The LonelyPoet.”

  1. That girl you met in India cursed you..I’m sorry that you had a hard time. We always think that a special person you meet is our soulmate but things don’t always go the way we want it to. Well you know the saying, there’s still plenty of fish in the sea.

  2. ryc: I do get far too many visitors, and I even have coding on my site so that only logged-in Xanga users can visit. Still, I get around 1,000 hits a day.

    This time, though, I think that people were curious because of the comments that you made regarding my mother. Several people referenced it in the comment section. Those nosy buggers!

  3. When I was really young I wrote all the time, and everything that happened around me was narrated in my head by an unfamiliar voice.I thought I was going crazy. All the stuff I wrote I either tore up and threw away or buried with one of my friends in a field by my house.

    So ridiculous. I am still mad at myself for that.

  4. I think I enjoyed the story as much as the poem. I like hearing the things that inspire people to write; I like to hear what motivates people and how it differs from what motivates me.

    I enjoyed the poem, although it switches from quite complex at the beginning to more literal in the end. I suppose the simplicity makes it easier for the reader to understand your point, but I think enough of us have been there that we may be able to glean the meaning otherwise.

    The woman causing my curse got engaged about a week and a half ago.

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