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I seldom make promises as I know if I couldn’t keep a promise I almost
melt in pain. Couple of days back I made a promise. I will keep it with
flesh and blood, if that’s what it takes to keep it.  Don’t worry
its just a family tradition of the Ashan’s (that’s my family name in
India) we always keep our promises but I never seen any Ashan spilling
blood at all hehehe.

 Another poem from the Old CD. I never thought I will release
these poems at all, as they were all very personal reflections. But I
just don’t remember why, when, where I wrote this poem. Now when I read
it, I thought it is worth reading it. So my xangans, friends, Darling.
Here is my verse for the day.

The Forbidden Kiss.

With a pledge to romance,
About the moment of rendezvous,
With love, oh my love.
With a pledge to my heart,
About the soothing feeling you bless.
With a pledge to every creation of almighty,
About the blessings to humanity our love gives,
Waited with a soul filled with love,
To share with you in a way I try to express here.

That which you see gets embedded,
With that which you hear and smell,
As it all touch deep inside,
And merge to paint the walls of the mind,
And brew the sweetness that pours,
To the tip of tongue and lips,
Which when shared with you,
Gives love an unforgettable touch,
With a feeling in every way real,
That dissolves the meaning of the word ‘Forever’
In my first kiss to you,
That gives love, life, beyond eternity.

What in the world stopped you and me?
What in the world stepped in between?
To forbid the world another moment of glory,
Of the greatest achievement of humanity.

Here is a song in my mother tongue language in India. The language is
called Malayalam. I got this link from my brother in India. I love this
song a lot even when I was a teenager. It’s a stream link just click on
it and it will play. The music is a lot different with a lot of
instruments played. Tell me what do you think about it. I’d love to
hear from you all. Okay.

The Singers name is K.S.Chitra. Kunnimani Cheppu.

4 Replies to “Promises.”

  1. I never have the proper words to describe how amazing your writings are to me. I can only say they strike a chord deep inside with their depth. I always love your writings. Hope you are well and have a great day.


  2. Nice reading!  And thanks for your kind words as always.  About the song…  Yes, the variety of instruments is wonderful.  The little bits of flute are very lovely.  Wishing you a good day.

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