Rough Day, Sleepy Evening, Lovely Dreams.

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Rough day, I reached office late. Then some slimy guys were playing
with the network and it took about an hour for me to login to the
system. I was drowning from the word go. I couldn’t do much with the
programs I am working on as the Unix servers came online only towards
the end of the day. Work sucked all day.

  I have no friends I am no friend of anyone either. So it’s okay
for me to do whatever I want. Well… I didn’t do anything. I didn’t even
took my pen to write. The only thing I enjoy doing also I kept at bay
thinking about a girl, whose love is impossible to attain.

  I took this old piece I wrote like a long time ago. I was
thinking why did I wrote this? It means nothing to my life.  May
be some of you can derive some meaning out of this piece of verse with your love life.

The silence between the words of love,
Means more than love you loved,
All your life, everything, every way,
Wishes that bless with fulfillment
And banishes the world of difference,
Between two hearts known,
Only in the sense of love,
Where there is nothing in between,
The love of one another,
Where every thought defines,
The soul of the other.
When in this perfection life entangles,
A heaven is made on earth,
Where flowers bloom every moment,
Where every word one say,
Defines the life of the other,
Where in the heart of the other lives,
The blessings of the other,
And life bless with more life,
Where every living moment fulfills,
Dreams yet to be seen by the other.

Have a wonderful week ahead of ya.

4 Replies to “Rough Day, Sleepy Evening, Lovely Dreams.”

  1. No, I’m still around. My iMac has been in the shop since Thanksgiving so I’m borrowing time on a laptop that belongs to somebody else.

    Also, I operate on Apple computers and you must have a windows media music file on your site because 99 percent of the time I try to log onto it, I get kicked off.


  2. Perhaps love is everything, perhaps it is merely nothing.  Who truly knows though.  Maybe, it’s both.  Enjoyed the read.  Sorry to hear about the network at the office, know the feelin though.  I think snail mail is faster than our office network!


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