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Strange weekend and Sunday, I thought of doing a lot but I am was and
is too calm. I was way too busy, talking with family, last night I
voice chatted online like 6 hours with my brothers in India. I think
what kept me calm was the support offered by you xangans. I love you
all. I will be back commenting. There is one reason for me not to. But
there are multiple reasons for me to comment. The main one I love
reading other peoples works especially poetic works of some of the
amazing writers I’ve met here on xanga.

I am a very sensitive person, with the memory of an Elephant. If
someone touches me deep that remain forever. Here are three people from
my past.

Unni Krishnan. He was my friend when I was in kindergarten and first
grade. We used to run around the school elusive from most of the
others. An admirer of all the stories I make up he was a wonderful
friend. I still remember when I was moving from the school after first
grade he wept holding my hands. That was last I’ve seen him even though
we lived in the same town for the next 10 years. Never got any chance
to meet him at all, after that he and his family moved out of town and
I have no idea where he is. But I remember him at least once in a week,
Thursdays, because for some reason unknown we both loved Thursdays. It
is nearly 30 years now.

Jeena. Name sounds girlish isn’t it? No a boy. I met him during the
marriage of my cousin in 1978. He is a distant relative. A wonderful
talker he told some great stories of movies at that time. For two weeks
we were together playing and talking to each other a lot. Another
person who loved my stories, he wanted to hear my stories again and
again. After the marriage function, I have never seen him. Heard about
him after years, like he getting married, having his first child and
all. There were times when I could’ve met him. But I told myself, I
don’t want to see a man who may not recognize me at all. I am still the
friend of that little boy.

Jayakumari. Two names joined together. Well that’s the way she liked
her name to be. Met her in college in 1985, here 11th and 12th grade
are in school. In my state in India till 1995 it was in college a course they
called Pre-Degree. I remember she came late the first day all wet in the
tropical monsoon rain. I’ve had two guys shadowing me in the college,
Davis son of a very wealthy man but a good cricket player. Second one
Rizwan, he knows no one touches me because of my violent habits at
school and my political connections. Everyday after lunch we won’t get
into the class, we go to a movie theater to watch English movies, that
theatre only played English movies not Indian movies. So we watch a
movie at least five times. Understanding English was the main problem
in watching the movies again and again. So as we leave in the afternoon
we told Jayakumari and another girl that we will borrow their lecture
notes every two weeks to keep up with others. The first time I asked
for the notes, Jayakumari gave me a book and said keep it. I said I
will return the book Monday, she said sure but that’s yours to keep as
I have another. She wrote a separate lecture notes for me. She did this
for the next two years. We were never romantically involved, talked
little but always smiled at each other. After Pre-Degree I moved out of
state to do the university degree and have never seen Jayakumari again.
But still thankfully remember her and that beautiful smile almost

Now why I said these here now, because once a person touches me deep, I
will never forget that person. I said this once before, Once A Darling,
Always A Darling.

Here is a poem I wrote while watching the playoffs earlier today. I
just wrote it because I felt a bit sad; when I am really sad I try
writing about happy times. This is one attempt. Go ahead criticize it
if there is something wrong in it. I just did not give a revision or
thought into it.

Give me couple of days at least before I start commenting back. All of you don’t get pissed off and block me out. Okay.

Have a great week ahead of you. My brothers, My Sisters, My Family, My Friends And My Darling.

The Love Of Happiness.

The flight of Humming bird with wing beats in thousands,
To give extra life to the pretty flower,
The wind dance through the trees,
The never ending fields ready to harvest,
The crashing of the waves of ocean at sunset,
The cherry blossoms in the middle of the spring,
Brightening every eye in the ecstasy of beauty.

Oh’ they all open the soul into spontaneous laughter,
Wonderful world we live in, in my thoughts I said.
The sanctity of life ever blooming,
The sweetness of the fruits rolling in the mouth,
Cooling and filling mind and body,
The touch of beak of the pigeons,
With innocence filled eyes pecks,
From hand the little grains offered,
The marvels and wonders generations constructed,
They all stand as the monument of their happiness,
Leaving us wondered in the bit of joy the builders felt,
There are many wonderful moments we can fabricate,
The moments pleasure like the sip of honey,
Of the relentless working Humming bird.

I am no Humming bird to move on to the next flower,
I enjoy the flight of the bird and the beauty of the flower,
Played again and again in my minds eye,
Each moment in freshness enjoyed forever,
All for the happiness of love,
To keep me in cheer forever,
For the love of happiness of my love.

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  1. You have no idea how happy it made me to see your comment. I feared that I wouldn’t see one after reading your other two posts. I must say, when I first saw you call me Arinya, I was shocked you would know what that was from, but then I figured that you must have read some of my first posts I ever made on xanga. It made me smile to see it.

    As to your post, once people have a deep connection with me, I also never forget it….I know exactly what you mean. Your poem is wonderful with symbolism and its tone. The last stanza really says a lot, in just a few lines.

    Fufilling my promise,


  2. hmmm… well, the conversation is giving truthful answers to wh questions. it’s hard. it’s scary. too serious, it almost killed me. lol! neways, if u’re right then i think i should freak out. thank you though… for commenting. means a lot.

    btw, i really like ur poem. filled with nature… kind a gives me a calm feeling… amazing piece…

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