To You.

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You know, women are good workers but sometime the screw up big time.
Oh’ boy, yesterday I told the receptionist at the hotel that I need a
cab Saturday morning at 6:00. As usual I slept at about 2:30AM. My
friend in Texas woke me up at about 4:00AM all drunk saying something
about a stripper. I told him to go to sleep and do a complete medical
check up today. I might have slept at about 5:00 grrrrr exactly at 6:00
a woman called me and said. “Sir, your cab is ready”… I said “haha you
are right on time, but 24 hours earlier silly… ” enough sleeping I got
up and sat on the sofa and fallen asleep there. Then a knock on the
door, at about 6:30AM “Room service” by this time I am really pissed, I
opened the door, a beautiful young lady standing with a smile.

I asked her “Do you have a watch?”

She said “Yeah”,

I told her “Check the time”

“6:32, What’s Up?” That’s what she asked.

I first asked politely “Are you out of your mind to work at this hour?”
She gave me a smile. I know this lady is not going to go… I told her.
“Considering your looks, if by service you mean…. “Service”, you are
welcome at anytime” That’s it, she vanished within a micro second.

I went back to the sofa and slept till 8:30AM. When I woke up I really
felt bad and while I was walking out through the corridor I saw the
girl. I called her and apologized to her. The saddest part is she wept
when I apologized. I came out of the hotel got into the car… then got
out went back and apologized  again … this time she smiled and said “You know,
you are not a bad guy like I thought… I have no hard feelings, and
don’t complain about waking you up so early.. I needed to take off
early to go to New York”  hahaha I gave her one of my Nutrigrain
Cereal bars and went to work.

At work, I am all set today, I finished the testing of all programs I
wrote then I talked to the current company I am working to relieve me
by Feb 8th. I thought they might do something crooked to mess me up.
Well that went well. It was a good week altogether.

This poem, just a scribble I thought is not that bad. There was no
reason to write it at all. I did not thought this out. I just wrote
it…. Thinking about a girl… mmm not the morning maid, but a wonderful
girl… Haha. I started writing it at exactly 4:02PM and finished at
4:23PM. So, if there are any flaws… well.. I know most of you don’t
care about it. But still… Forgive me. Today is a day for apologies haha.

I don’t know if I will be online tomorrow through Tuesday. If I am I
will post another long poem hehehe. I will give you a head start…. It
is called “NymphoManiac”. Imagine, the rough draft itself is 47 lines.
So a long poem is on its way. Most probably I will finish it during
flight. A good place to write a poem called NymphoManiac, Airplane haha.

I got my Laptop back, it like “Paradise Regained”.

Have wonderful weekend everyone.


O I do not want to fail and fall,
Upon your feet O my love,
Waited and waited to hear a word of care,
But parted, you, without even a smile.

Love me for who I am,
Love me for what I am not,
Love me for the love of my love,
For in love more clearly I see,
Your eyes and that little heart,
Forever thriving to be loved.

Though you and I never exists in love,
There exists two souls who cannot go apart,
As the love of mine, forever holds you in heart.

O these are all silly little talks of mine,
To myself, to comfort my paining heart,
You alone can bring me that breeze,
That will soothe the pain of my lonely heart.

You alone can calm me down,
As my mind and body eagerly waits,
For that smile to show at the door steps of mine.
Is that day today or a day in my morrows?
Or is that a day never destined to be born?

There are no more words I seek,
To express my love for you, dear,
As my whole life has become the expression,
Of my love for you forever.   

7 Replies to “To You.”

  1. gee.. u shouldn’t apologize for the piece up there. it was great (as always). it’s a lovely, wonderful, amazing piece… you always write so well… i wish i had even at least half of ur talent in writing. lol. neways, u also had quite an experience. it’s funny though… in ironic sense… yeah, it’s annoying when people keep on interupting ur sleep. and it was so nice of you to apologize to the girl… 🙂

  2. oh how the poet writes of love
    oh how the poet shouts of passion
    oh how the poet whispers of pain
    oh how the poet longs for truth
    oh how the poet needs salvation
    oh how the poet seems so lost
    oh how the poet seems so found

    within the words that seems to show
    whats really there to see
    one may hide within ones self
    as i do hide in i


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