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I posted this poem first in MySpace. I thought of posting it here yesterday. But I was traveling yesterday. Here it is.

“I” is very important for me. If one look at a passage or poem of mine
one can see a lot of  “I” in it.  Yes, from a very younger age I used
to stay away from many because I felt important. And no matter how much
one tried to trash me. I still felt important as I always believed that
being me is what the purpose of my life. After reading many of my works
a lot of people have told me that I don’t have any self esteem. Well
that is probably true, self esteem defined by those people. I don’t
care who define what. I define my life and at least three feet around
me, I believe I have the right to do that. When two people define life
in the same way and are comfortable of each others zones they will
probably end up loving each other or at least keep in touch forever.
Well.. this is my definition. Haha one don’t have to care about it.
These thoughts made me write this following poem. Understand this, I
define life as continuous chain of affection that connects people,
places and even objects. Each person an individual link. So every poem
of mine have some reference of love or affection in it. That’s the way
I understand it. Never felt wrong.

Worthiness Of Being Me.

A great many times I wondered,
What life is like without all that I know,
And with all that I dreamt for.
And with all that I don’t have.

A great many times I questioned,
All that I have and pained my own heart,
As never in my forgiveness myself I included,
But all remained same, obsessive and stubborn.

A great many times I complained,
Why all that I wished for did not happen,
Why all that I wished not to happen, happened,
And forever detached I am from every reality.

A great many times I walked away,
Thinking about my own unworthiness,
Not thinking about how worthy one see me,
Not knowing how worthy this very moment is.

Pass me by Time, erase all these fog for me to understand,
At least one little heart in all the importance of its own,
And learn more about the importance of mine,
And love being who we are, when loving who I am.

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  1. Gosh.  Thanks so much for your very kind words.  As always, you’re too kind 🙂  I really love the message in this poem of yours.  I like this:   “As never in my forgiveness myself I included”.   Great read, nice experience.   Wishing you peace and great days.  Take care.

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